Breathe Out

by Malou Berg

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BREATHE OUT - Recycled & Remixed
BREATHE OUT consists of recycled and remixed songs from the albums of 'The Pleiadian Suite'. Not only did we remix the music, we also stripped the songs of their original arrangements and added a huge string ensemble, harp and light percussion. We kept my vocals and the choir (the choir was expanded on a couple of songs to get an even better sound) as originally recorded and the language that nobody understands is still there...

And we re-recorded one song, 'Nu faller ljuset in i mig' (Beam of Light), an old favourite of mine which I recorded a loooong time ago, about eight albums back... oh how time flies when you are having a good time..;-).

It has been both fun and inspiring for me to work with this project. I hope that you will enjoy the music and that it will make you relax, feel good and breathe out for a while.


released November 11, 2011

These wonderful musicians participated in creating 'Breathe Out':

Stringensemble from Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra:

Tormod Tvete Vik, conductor

Bo Eklund, contrabass
Hanna Eliasson, violin
Helena Kollback Heuman, violin
Ingrid Sturegård, violin
Johan Stern, first cello (solo on Nu faller ljuset in i mig and Omine)
Nicola Borurka, violin
Nils Edin, viola
Paula Gustafsson Apola, cello
Per Högberg, viola
Pernilla Carlzon, violin
Sara Trobäck Hesselink, first violin (solo on Owaije)
Tuula Fleivik, viola
Åsa Rudner, violin
Delphine Constantin, harp
Göran Kroon, percussion
Hanna Wanngård, choir
Jenny Nilsson, choir
Johan Ivarson, choir
Lars Nilsson, flugelhorn and choir
Katarina Milton, choir
Malou Berg, lead vocals
Therese Andersson, choir
Thomas Hellsten, keyboards
Ulrik Höglund, piccolotrumpet

Music & Pleiadian lyrics: Malou Berg
Swedish lyrics: Malou Berg
English lyrics: Susanne Wigforss
Choir arrangements: Malou Berg
Strings, harp and piccolotrumpet-arrangements: Tormod Tvete Vik
Produced by Lars Nilsson and Malou Berg
Recorded march-june 2011 at Nilento Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden
Soundedit, mix and master: Lars Nilsson
Add. engineer: Michael Dahlvid
Publisher: MALOU MOUNTAIN MUSIC AB / Stiggy Music AB
Photos of Malou: Malou, Jenny Nilsson, Michael Dahlvid and Ewa Henriksson
Photos from the recording: Malou Berg
Photo of Delphine Constantin: Jenny Nilsson
Albumdesign: Selander Design AB

And these great musicians played at the original recordings:

Credits HOYA : Hoya. Frid. Owaije
Berit Andersson, choir
Bo Westman, keyboards
Eleonor Johansson, choir
Hanna Wanngård, choir
Kerstin Ryhed Lundin, choir
Kristina Aspeqvist, percussion
Malou Berg, lead vocals and choir
Per Hovensjö, guitar
Pernilla Andersson, choir
Stefan Wingefors, contrabass

Credits OMINE : Omine. Kanawah. Houh Wah. Omaniå
Bo Westman, keyboards
Hanna Wanngård, choir
Helene Genym, choir
Kerstin Ryhed Lundin, choir
Lars Danielsson, contrabass and cello
Malou Berg, lead vocals and choir
Manuel Iman, guitar
Mija Folkesson, choir
Therese Andersson, choir
Tobias Sjögren, additional guitar
Xavier Desandre Navarre, percussion

Credits AMAONA : AmaOna Mia, Lead Me Home. Ayah Nomi. Promise In the Air
Cecilie Nörby, choir
Hans Kennemark, fiddle and choir
Ida Sandlund, choir
Jenny Nilsson, choir
Johannes Lundberg, contrabass
Jörgen Anderstig, guitar
Lars Nilsson, choir
Lisbeth Diers, percussion
Malou Berg, lead vocals and choir
Stefan Wingefors, accordion and choir
Thomas Hellsten, keyboards
Xavier Desandre Navarre, percussion

Credits ALIGNMENT: Onahe The Mantra. Breathe Out
Jenny Nilsson, choir
Johan Ivarsson, choir
Lars Danielsson, contrabass
Lars Nilsson, choir
Malou Berg, lead vocals and choir
Thomas Hellsten, keyboards
Ulf Wakenius, guitar
Xavier Desandre Navarre, percussion



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